Monday, July 24, 2006

Late Summer Crunch Time

It seems like there is a lot going on right now - and I don't think it's just me. Burning Man season is gearing up into high pitch, and the feeling of excitement spills out all over the Bay Area. There are lots of fun events coming up. The summer sunshine can't hurt, either - the weather is beautiful here and every time the sun comes out I think everyone in San Francisco wriggles a little with joy.

What's new in Mediumreality land? Always something! New items up on the website, including my favorite - soft sculpture silk/wool/cotton spikes.

Tomorrow I'll be dropping off a bunch of felt hairpieces at my favorite fashion designer's boutique. Miranda Caroligne is on 14th at Guerrero and if you are in the neighborhood there's no better place to grab a seat on a couch in a cool, breezy spot, and enjoy some mighty fine company. She doesn't bite - make friends!

I added a page to the Medium Reality website - now you can go and look up my schedule of events where I'll be selling art and felts. It's really starting to fill up - I'm getting a ton of positive feedback from people out in the world about the work that I've been doing and it really makes me feel good. I'm excited to get out in the world and interact with my audience. The last two months have been largely about keeping my nose to the grindstone in the studio and a change will be good.

The lineup for August 12's Pandora's Trunk is finally solidified; you can read all about the fashion designers and other artists. I'm really getting excited about the event - we'll have three fashion designers that are very different but complement each other very well, and a host of other things that I think will provide a really delightful variety for almost anyone who walks through the door. I'm certain we're doing a lot more things right than last time, and am intellectually curious to see the differing results from our changes in approach to things like promotions.

I'm in the middle of scheduling an on-location photo shoot for September and am really excited about it - there are lots of times that I take photos in my jury-rig studio and they just don't look professional enough to me. I'm really grateful that my photographer team friends Chuck Revell and Lizanne Ray are going to help me take it to the next level.

Finally, tomorrow night I'm meeting with the events planning committee for Room to Read, a really fantastic nonprofit based here in the Bay Area. I just love their mission and after volunteering at their previous fall fundraiser, and doing a little research, I'm really impressed with their ninja-precise approach to fundraising and do-gooding.

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  1. I happened to find your blog while searching for an old friend,... Lizanne Ray,.. she and I were friends in SF in the early 90's... if you are able, ple-ase forward her my email,
    If she ever lived on Union Street... then she is the person I am looking for.