Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boat Hulls, Haute Frills, and Faux Bills

Fashion designs (and until recently, boat hull designs) are not protectable under copyright law, or really any law at all. Companies who make piles of millions from selling mass-produced consumer goods (which can get kind of indistinguishable anyway, let's be honest) are reduced to protecting their trademark, which is the reason behind all those purses covered in logos. Infringe this, bee-atch!

I have always enjoyed this freedom, not to copy or to be copied, but to just not worry about it. The only thing you can protect is the structure you have built. Ideas must be flown from it like paper flags, to be torn to pieces by the wind and replaced anew. Here are some reading materials so you can decide for yourself. Make no mistake, this ties in very closely with the protection and fair use issues that have shackled modern musicians & media artists even as they try to break away from traditional major label distribution and promotional structures.

Free your art, the rest will follow. bill info

washington post writeup
"Too often, copyrights are used to protect profit. It's no coincidence that the rise of the Internet -- which led to an explosion of low-cost distribution networks, new forms of competition and unexpected types of innovation -- has also led to calls for new and stronger forms of intellectual protection."
"Consumers have been told this is all for them. But it isn't. There's a reason we're skeptical of monopolies, and we shouldn't forget that even when they're dressed up as "copyrights." "

fibre2fashion industry writeup
"...this legislation will for the first time allow creative American designers to benefit from legal protections and at the same time continue to ensure the competitiveness of the U.S. apparel and footwear industry as it delivers fashionable and affordable clothing to consumers."
"As we move forward, AAFA (American Apparel & Footwear Association, supporters of the bill) will continue to seek the strongest trademark and copyright protections for the U.S. apparel and footwear industry competing in the global market for the benefit of their brand reputations, employees, and consumers."

Who do you believe? who is talking about artists and individuals, and who is talking about global market share?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Touchpad Pants at Maker Faire NYC

I am onsite right now at the NY Hall of Science. I was here yesterday for the Open Hardware Summit which lit my brain on fire... but it was a calm and quiet lull before the storm compared to what is happening now. There is the sound of power tools and a smell in the air of cut lumber, machine oil, and spraypaint. Tons of familiar faces from Maker Faires past. I already ran into two guys from Techshop, and am sitting a few feet from the Life-Size Mousetrap. My friends are frantically bolting together a giant mobile squid and I am left wondering how much RF interference there will be tomorrow, and how much it would take to sink the project. I had to repair the video connector with pliers but the LCD screen they have on the stage where we will be presenting works with my machine and is bigger than I am.

It has been crazy getting ready for this, and there is some functionality that we had to give up on, but I am overall feeling very calm and pretty much ready. It has been a crazy journey of about two months since I conceived and began working on this project and despite the protesting murmurs of my inner perfectionist I am really pleased with how far it came and what we were able to accomplish. I wanted to take a few moments and shout out to everyone who helped me with it because it sure took a village! Without people promising support it is a lot more intimidating to start something so far outside of what I normally do.

Touchpad Pants

"by" Rachel Lyra Hospodar / Medium Reality

in collaboration with:

Jon Ferran - concept and circuit design

Jason Asbahr / Monstrous Games - concept, application, and software

Christine Hodges - software

Michael Shiloh - Arduino instruction

R. Miloh Alexander - electronics assembly and Zigbee troubleshooting

Mitch Thompson - Zigbee expertise

D. P. Chang - lending expensive hardware

Rich Humphrey - general hackery and awesomeness

Tara Ocon & Liz Carena - wearing the silly thing while I talk about it!

Noisebridge - source of amazing and supportive people and environment. and soldering tools. and distractions.

Of course I also owe amazing thanks to Sherry Huss, Dale Dougherty, and O'Reilly in general, for providing an awesome venue for crazy projects and believing that I would pull it off.

Now who wants to help me make a pants keyboard?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

see what people wear

Whenever I feel stuck I like to see what people are doing Out There in the World. Sometimes the studio feels like too much of a vacuum. A friend just turned me on to this style blog:

which inspires me to share my favorites as well. all over the place, london-centric helsinki all over the place, new york centric i don't want to like it but i always do.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Touch Me!

Well, it's official. I am a genius. No, that's not quite it. I had a lot of help. I am a genius at asking questions, way past any point of propriety, until I really do understand. With tons of help from my friends (extra thanks due to Jason Asbahr, Jon Ferran, and Michael Shiloh), I have made a working soft circuit prototype that is an XY positional sensor. Meaning? I made a wearable computer touchpad out of fabric.

I will update this page with video links and more information as I get all that media together. Yeah baby!

(first update: here are photos of the mostly-assembled prototype. I am hoping to film a video walk-through before I sew it together.)

(second update: here is the video walk-through! check out the photoset linked above for photos from our trip to new york as well.)

I am hoping to show this project at Maker Faire New York on Sept 25-26. I was afraid to submit my proposal until the project actually worked, and while it is far from done it officially works. Now it's time to get out of the workshop and back to the desk and start telling people about it.

You heard it here first, kids.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Web Store & Summer Events

Hi all! I hope everyone is enjoying the sun/fog/summer to its utmost. Medium Reality is still rockin it sustainable style. We have a bunch of SF events coming up, *and* want to announce the soft launch of our little web store.

1. website stuff - store, new pages
2. Prepare for the Playa
3. Beyond the Fence
4. Chic Fashion Week

1. website stuff
You can check out our new mini web store at We built it ourselves, super ninja DIY style, and are still evolving it so check back for updates, new photos, and more items. Any feedback you have about the site itself, the store, the things in it, or the way we look in these pants, feel free to send it on! LOVE hearing from you guys. Artists, performers, foodies, health workers: we support you! Please contact us for discounts and trade options. Customers, got a garment that needs some love? Some repairs are free! We want you to keep loving us.

Also just a rundown of some things we changed lately, for those playing along at home:

-updated our main clothing page, with more photos, new text, better code. We know that deep down inside you care about our HTML just like you care about shirts.

-have you checked this out? we published a rundown of all the ways we are sustainable as hell. We strive for transparent operations.

2. Prepare for the Playa
Sunday July 25th & Sunday August 15th

Double Trouble! This huge show holds a dear place in my heart because, years ago, it was at this show that we produced our very first very own runway segment. Oh, how far we have come! It is so nice to return to the super nurturing environment of "everyone can do it!". In that spirit, we are putting out a call for models. This event happens twice, July 25 and August 15, but we are only doing the runway in AUGUST. If you want to model for Medium Reality in the August show, email me. We mostly need men but could handle a lady or three. No, you don't have to look like Vogue magazine. We think you are sexy just the way you are. Yes, you, bankers, computer programmers, punk rock cyclists. Bring it on. Clothes credits for modeling!

Prepare for the Playa

Sunday July 25th & Sunday August 15th
Time: 12pm-7pm
****FREE ENTRY****

@ Cafe Cocomo
650 Indiana Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
*Funky Playa Inspired Fashion shows* at 2pm & 5pm Showing all the latest and greatest Burner Couture for Burning Man 2010!
Burner Marketplace * Fashion Shows * Playa University * ARTist Benefit!
*Playa University How to Clinics* and Demonstrations on not just surviving on the playa... but THRIVING ON THE PLAYA!! Playa wear strongly encouraged!

3. Beyond the Fence

Also a sale oriented towards prepping for burning man (or any other fabulous costume event. I think they have one or two of those around here at other times of the year...;) this one is different, they are both free, so check em all out or pick a date to find us that works best for you. We promise to bring everything that is too weird for retail. Tons of new hand-dyed shirts too!

Beyond the Fence
August 21st, Saturday
2:00 - 8:00 pm
Mighty - 119 Utah, SF
FREE Admission

4. Chic Fashion Week
August 1-8, San Francisco

we are not sure where we will be in the schedule for this week yet but we are super looking forward to a week of full-force downtown style fashion events featuring Medium Reality (and a bunch of other talented designers...) to help fight AIDS.

As always I hope you are doing well, recycling your ass off, and having fun doing it.

sustainable as hell menswear

Pandora's Trunk & Medium Reality

Thanks for listening! if this was forwarded to you, maybe you want to subscribe. send an email to


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Studio Event: Garment Rehab & Sample Sale

Medium Reality & Miss Velvet Cream Sample Sale and Garment Rehab

Sample Sale: including amazing deals on last season's goods as well as first dibs on this summer's hottest new men's jackets, vests, and shirts from Medium Reality, also featuring special guest Miss Velvet Cream for maximum deliciousness for ladies and gentlemen (and everybody in between).

Garment Rehab: BRING YOUR favorite boring old GARMENT and commission some custom alterations, surface design, dyeing, rehabilitation of all sorts available a la carte commission style.

Pandora's Trunk in video projections,
live music by house band The Sweet Trade,
French press coffee by Farm:Table,
food and drink.

free admission
916 Natoma St @ 10th, SoMa SF
June 22nd, 6-9pm

photo by del geronimo

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

School's out forever!

Stone fruit is starting to come in with a vengeance, and even in the perpetual summer of California there is nothing that lets you know what season it is like fresh cherries and peaches. Mmmm! Time to put on your best convertible shirt, roll up the sleeves in the afternoon sun and then button the cuffs when the fog rolls in, lounge on a hillside in a cool clean wind, eat something that will stain your lips red. While you are at it I want you to think about art and technology, how to implement them in your life, and what their implications are. Then come and talk to me about it.

#1. It's All True Art / Orson's / June 10
#2. Thread|Bare / The LAB / June 11 (&12-13)
#3. Wonderland art opening / June 12
#4. Forever Never Comes at Boxcar Theater / open NOW through June 26
#5. Oil spill coverage (no, you can't stop thinking about this yet)
#6. Satan's Angel / burlesque class / Monday June 21
#7. Medium Reality studio sample sale / Tuesday June 22
#8. The Dynamite Show! / Fou Fou Ha / Brava Theater / June 17-26
#9. Emrg N See / Oregon / July 16-18

whew! Is that enough stuff for ya? I know I am sleepy. Maybe it has to do with laying in a sailboat in the sun while I write this, but I'd like to think it's because of how hard I work. I'd like you to think that too, ok?

see you later, my lovelies. Be careful out there.

Medium Reality: sustainable as hell

#1. It's All True Art / Orson's / June 10

7:00pm - 10:00pm
Orson Restaurant + Lounge: 508 4th St, SF, CA 94107

Mister WA presents "It's All True Art" Happy Hour at ORSON's

Our Featured JUNE Artist Rachel Lyra Hospodar
Designer and Founder of 'MEDIUM REALITY' Producer of 'PANDORA'S TRUNK' (Fashion In Performance)
Live sewing, live and remix video projection madness

Every second Thursday of the month, 'It's All True Art' invites YOU to meet the artist and participate in the live creative process while sipping perfect cocktails. Your host Mister WA is proud to bring to ORSON the creme of his transdisciplinary Arts peregrinations and celebrate Life and Art as ONE. An homage to Mr WELLES, the live wall cinematically magnifies a rich sensory encounter unique to beautiful San Francisco.
Great Place for a Drink, an Appetizer or Dinner. Admission is Free.

#2. Thread|Bare / The LAB / June 11 (&12-13)

Runway show and live auction:
Friday, June 11, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
$10 – $20 sliding scale admission
2 tickets free to the first emailer!

Trunk show:
Saturday and Sunday, June 12 – 13, 12 – 6pm
Free admission

Your emcees: Michelle Tea and Danyol Leon
DJ: Warm Leatherette
Performance by: SF Boylesque
thread | bare is a celebration of Bay Area independent fashion spirit. Local designers innovating in form, material, and interpretation create one-of-a-kind works and are brought together with performers to showcase their fabrications. The clothes are auctioned right off the models as they walk the runway, while scores of outfits and accessories are available in the concurrent trunk show.
2948 16th Street

#3. Wonderland art opening / June 12

Have you checked out this new independent design boutique in the Mission yet? It is a refreshing blend of fresh local urban designers with a Mexican flavor.

Romanowski with Peasants and Travelers presents
Artists without Boundaries for Doctors without Borders
Art showcase charity auction
Sunday June 12 6-11pm
Wonderland Gallery 2929 24th st, SF

featured and resident artists including
Ferris Plock
Paul Hayes
Medium Reality
...and many more

#4. Forever Never Comes at Boxcar Theater / open NOW through June 26

Super excited to have done the costume design for this Neko Case-inspired story. Heading out to the opening tonight!
Wracked by guilt over her brother’s death, Sandra makes a deal with the Fox Confessor, a mysterious and mythical figure who watches over the small, rural town of South Boston, VA. When the Fox Confessor demands payment, secrets are revealed and family sins are not easily washed away. Not even the hope of sweet new love with Dylan, a young trans man, can keep Sandra’s nightmares at bay.
Boxcar Theater
505 Natoma St
(yes, you can lock your bike to that black metal gate.)

#5. Oil spill coverage (no, you can't stop thinking about this yet)

I'm afraid we're going to stop paying attention to this as if it has gone away... it hasn't! Gobs of oil are washing up near Pensacola, the feds are closing down all the fisheries. Think about a little harm reduction, and come up with a way to reduce your petroleum usage a little bit. A little bit more. I'll go along!

"Is rounding up undocumented workers and potheads more important than cleaning up the #BP #oilspill? Apparently."

Yes you can watch streaming video of the seafloor 5000 feet down. For some reason there are no little fishes anywhere in sight.

#6. Satan's Angel / burlesque classes / Monday June 21

These classes are with Satan's Angel, a visiting luminary of the burlesque world.
Two Burlesque Classes. $25.00/each (discount for both classes).
Please contact to reserve your space.
916 Natoma @ 10th Street. SF

Bump and Glide: 5:00 – 7:00pm. Movement with Costuming, Props and Advanced Techniques.
Spinners and Tassels DIY: 7:00 – 9:00pm. Learn how to make pasties and fringe tassels with spinners.

#7. Medium Reality studio sample sale / Tuesday June 22

There are no details on this bad boy yet because I just decided to do it, today! It's been a while since I opened the studio doors to the public and I want to bring in all my favorite people (that's you!) and give you first crack at summer stock, and last crack at some old things that I have marked down to move. Snacks and wine, naturally. Music? Most likely. Video? If we're lucky. Circus? If we're really really lucky.

Mark your calendars and gird your loins
Tuesday June 22, after work oclock
916 Natoma St at 10th

#8. The Dynamite Show! / Fou Fou Ha / Brava Theater / June 17-26

Sporting a clown-based mashup of costumes including a heavy Medium Reality flavor. Making you laugh till you pee yourself. You know you love Fou Fou Ha. Don't miss this show.
~A song and dance extravaganza~
Phenomenal performance by Fou Fou Ha!
Accompanied by the live music of
The Gomorrans Social Aide and Pleasure Club
June 17th - 20th and June 24th - 26th
Brava Theater

#9. Emrg N See / Oregon / July 16-18

It's outside Eugene, and while I have never been to there, this laid-back party full of really diverse music and people who are there to have a good time (and love buying my clothes) makes me want to check out the town as well. I'm still working on travel logistics and have an extra ticket.. so anyone who has been craving a little road trip, drop me a line!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Anti/Surveillance Fashion at Maker Faire!

5.17.2010 16:32
Getting ready for the Anti/Surveillance Fashion Show (rehearsal)

This show is going to present the work of scores of different people from all over the place. We have scoured the internet for examples of fashionable inventions meant to thwart – or aid – in surveillance. Everyone we have contacted is super excited about the idea, and we have been getting the most exciting things in the mail! Today we got a pair of mirrored underwear, designed to protect against upskirt photography. I haven't seen them yet, but to judge from the emails coming out of headquarters they are very effective. Hopefully I can take a photo at our rehearsal this evening, but the technology may thwart me. The TV suit is coming tonight, along with platform shoes designed to keep streetwalkers safe. ----Bzzzt! Both of those items are designed to increase -bzzzzt----- surveillance.

5.17.2010 19:01

eric boyd's northpaw belt

TV suit prep

shoe phone open

shoe phone closed

Watching prototypes come together for a presentation is so exciting! Problem solving on the fly, fixing those last little things, and figuring out why the systems that worked perfectly in the workshop DON'T anymore... last year for Pandora's Trunk storytime runway show, we had to sew a microphone into a dress five minutes before the show started, because the audio pickups weren't loud enough on their own over the crowd noise. The TV suit is definitely my favorite from the Anti/Surveillance show, it's kind of an unexpected way to execute the idea but sure to please the crowd, it was good for many smiles in the rehearsal! We spent some sewing time securing all the wires to the garment. I love it when needle and thread meet electrons. Trying the TV jacket onto smartypants model Meredith while she tries to show us how she pulled off an entirely unrelated electronics project, why yes we would like to include that as well. So many WIRES a-flyin! Looking for an extra RCA adaptor or 6. Female to Female?? The TV signal is shielded black and white so you can get away with murder.

Putting together a fashion show is an exercise in imagination. Without all the bodies in a room it's just a few little boxes with wires poking over the top. At NoiseBridge, even with everyone in the room, it just looks like a group of geeks sitting around. It takes an act of supreme imagination to co-ordinate all these little bits together into a presentation set to wow the socks off a crowd who has had their eyeballs stuffed with science and mayhem all weekend. A lot of these projects aren't exactly garments, either – lots of accessories, additions to your own wardrobe. Belts that can help you think or move, shoes that you can use covertly to communicate, or to send an alarm. Constantly under the lens of the camera, fashion is a natural form in which to explore the relationship between surveillance and culture. How are we watched? How do we watch? How do we present ourselves to the eyes of the world?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

City Circus is HERE!!!

Just a few more days till we open Echo's Reach at Brava Theater.

(edited to add awesome review from our opening night. tons of photos, technically no rhinestones since we added them all in later)

I am super excited about this show. It is a full blown circus featuring youth and adult performers that have amazing skills. check out this video from last year

and then know that you have to see this circus yourself. It's got amazing skills, a compelling story, and the most fabulous costumes you have ever. seen. in your. entire. life. Why do I know this? Because Medium Reality did them, natch.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

april events update

The weather is blowing back and forth like crazy in San Francisco! Our trusty bike couriers have kept up with a smile, trekking Medium Reality garments back and forth across town and up crazy hills to all of our stores and theaters. (and bringing us snacks.... thanks TCB!) We have been churning the clothes out as fast as we can but it is an uphill battle to keep up with demand. Keep asking, though, we love you too and are growing our production capacity this spring. Keep the curveballs coming!

1. Sense & Sustainability - April 9 Medium Reality New York runway debut TICKET GIVEAWAY
2. The HUB - San Francisco! april 8th
3. SFestival April 8-13, especially April 11th
4. Red Hots Burlesque - School of Shimmy
5. Yuri's Night April 9 & 10
6. Alchemy May 1

[1.] Sense & Sustainability - April 9
This amazing opportunity in downtown New York fell into our laps super last minute but Medium Reality is always ready to rock it when needed. This sustainable runway show is being produced as a fundraiser to help finish a documentary about India. There are tons of amazing people involved and I have been hearing the buzz all the way from here! If you will be in New York, check it out!
On Friday April 9th, Joya Dass (former business anchor with ABC and CNN) and Aiden Murtagh of Eyes Wide Open Productions is hosting a "green" fashion show at the Aicon Gallery, 35 Great Jones St, between Lafayette and Bowery.
Their event is called “Sense and Sustainability” and features four designers with a focus on furthering the sustainable fashion movement: Swati Argade, Helen Asir, Rachel Lyra Hospodar (Medium Reality) and Marcus Hicks (Sarah Dixons Nova). is the project sponsor. The event runs from 6-9 pm with the runway show beginning promptly at 8 pm! All proceeds from this event will go towards the post-production of her first documentary, called First Sight, investigating the world of curable blindness in India. To buy your tickets go to:
Come by for a hot night of fashion, open bar, a silent auction offering you a chance to win a trip to a sustainable resort in Baja California! Editors and reporters from Vogue Magazine, Martha Stewart's Body & Soul Magazine and Time-out New York are attending, and are scheduled to do a story for their respective publications.

[2.] Global Action through Fashion - at the new SF HUB
Medium Reality will be joining a bunch of other local sustainability-oriented businesses to present information about our processes as well as showcasing tons of new work!
Date: April 8th, 2010
Time: 6-10pm
Location: The Hub SoMa, San Francisco
Hub SoMa will open May 3 at The S.F. Chronicle Building - one block south of the Powell St BART station. The 8600 sq/ft space will feature an art gallery, offices, and large events spaces for members.
Address: 901 Mission St, Ste 105 San Francisco, CA 94103

[3.] SFestival April 8-13, especially April 11th
This little-festival-that-could put the roots in grassroots with its totally underground, forreal hip hop flavor. Impresario organizer Baraka Noel Mumbles has put together a straight week of dope hip-hop & poetry influenced artists working in all genres in venues across the bay area and beyond...

SFestival SUNDAY featuring: pandora.s trunk fashion showcase
Little Baobab 3388 19th St San Francisco
SF april 11 SUN 7:30pm $5-$15 (suggested)

Shawn Franco from Modesto:
Jen Genius and Shakespeare & Cody Giannotti and Shye Powers & Stellar and meg.s ukelele

with the rabid fashion of mediumreality:
& the oakland birds:
plus Vigilante Nakedist & PANHANDLERS

[4.] Red Hots Burlesque School of Shimmy
Medium Reality is hosting everything-friendly anything-goes burlesque troop's saucy workshop series coming up at our studio - it culminates with performances at el Rio!

[5.] Yuri's Night April 9 & 10
We're travelling down to NASA on thursday to hang up some paintings, how often does one get to do that? Looking forward to an amazing science-oriented party at Moffett Field!

[6.] Alchemy May 1
Mark your calendars now for this amazing interactive art party. Last year was an amazing packed experience of high- and low-tech fun. This year promises even more of both, with lots of in between too. Liquid nitrogen and finger puppets. And electronics. What could go wrong?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fancy Integrated Measurement Form

I have gotten so frustrated with trying to keep track of people's measurements! i usually scrawl 'em on a napkin and then add it to the heaps. no more, i say! I have made this nifty form. Any input on what should be on it is welcome. Maybe you have been sent here to fill it out. Yay! thanks for doing it. You can click through to the fully rendered form here or scroll down for the embedded version (with slightly odd formatting, because nothing is ever perfect).

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

MR on newsstands and in your heart

It seems like things are speeding up and spring is rolling forward with its own plans for renewal and revitalization! We're excited to tell you about quite a few things we've been cooking up for the occasion:::

-Medium Reality feature in Altered Couture magazine
-save the date - Debra Walker March 11th
-added email lists for super loyalists
-Trunk n Swap March 5th
-Debra Walker statement


ALTERED COUTURE is a nationally distributed magazine about reconstructed clothes! We landed a five page color spread with photos of tons of work as well as instructions and guidelines for patching your own clothes. We love sharing our trade secrets! Come to the studio and we will show you in person. You can pick this magazine up at tons of major newsstands... I have heard of Borders sightings. Better yet, contact your local newsstand/bookseller and ask them if they carry it or can get it. If you want, you can also buy it online at Atomic Books.


DEBRA WALKER, coming out in favor of FUN.
at Medium Reality & Boylesque studios
916 Natoma St (near 10th betw Mission & Howard) 6-9pm March 11th
Debra is a painter and longtime SF resident who has been up to her elbows in warehouse zoning issues and is sharp as a tack. She is running for supervisor of District 6, which includes South of Market and parts of the Mission. If you don't know much about the Board of Supervisors, well, now is your chance to find out in a fun and laid-back way. (The movie Milk also has a pretty great little intro to this uniquely powerful aspect of San Francisco politics and what makes it special.) Debra is running for the seat that Chris Daly is vacating due to term limits, and I think this is a great chance to get an ear on this board that is sympathetic to the arts and small businesses alike. If this all sounds very boring to you, then remind yourself and district 6 is the epicenter of the War on Fun and your interest in this race could help determine whether your favorite DJ's laptop gets confiscated (again) and how freely legal and underground venues alike may entertain you in the future. Welcome to our neighborhood! Won't you help us keep it open? We promise music, drinks, entertainment... and all the freak-friendly local politics you can handle. Page down to the end of this email to read a word from Debra, or check out her websites: - paintings - political


This is a one-time-only announcement about a very special email list, freshly configured and ready for your love! The Inner Circle is a place where we will announce special deals for our most loyal lovers. Things like: exclusive passwords for secret discounts on goods at events, periodic semi-private warehouse sell-off events where we make back stock available in our studio for super bargain purchase, and notices about new production. This last one is very exciting because we will tell you when we do a major production run, what the goods are like, and where we are stocking them to. This will make it easier to get them into your hot little hands! The list will be pretty low traffic, just 1-2x/month. Both lists combined won't exceed 3-4 emails a month. Feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested! to join, send an email to (and yes, it's freshly configured so even though i have tested it please let me know if you have any problems!)



It's time to clean out your closet. Help mother earth, recycle and save money. Meet new friends. Trunk & Swap is part trunk show, part fashion swap, social networking event and dating experiment with FASHIONABLE SINGLES

Attendees are allowed to bring up to 20 items in great condition (accessories, clothing, jewelry, art pieces, etc's) to exchange with fellow swappers. The swapper will receive one (1) ticket per: 5 items he or she brings. Each ticket will enable the swapper to receive one item that he/she likes from another swapper. Ten (10) local fashion vendors are on hand to show and sell their products. Presented By: San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. -

March 5th, 2010, Friday, 5-10pm
Sliding Scale $5-$10 Donation At The Door

1108 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

Fashion Showcase By:

Live Art:

Music By: DJ SWORDS, spins mash-up, hip-hop, pop, early house, 80's


Happy hour is 5-9pm. Event ends at 10pm. We have live art, fashion installation and dj beats as entertainment. Attendees are encouraged to donate their left over items to The Pajama Project.

Event Site:


A word from Debra...
As a resident and artist living in District 6 for over 25 years, D6 Supervisor and Democratic County Central Committee candidate Debra Walker loves San Francisco's active artist and nightlife community. Debra has been working with residents and nightlife to resolve what the SF Bay Guardian calls the "Death of Fun." The Death of Fun has shaken down some of the City's most beloved clubs and music venues, including DNA Lounge, Slim's, and Bottom of the Hill. Debra wants to work with neighbors, law enforcement, club owners, and promoters to prioritize safety while protecting San Francisco's diverse nightlife scene. Come meet Debra and learn how she is working to keep San Francisco fun, vibrant and livable for all!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Altered Couture - Medium Reality Nationwide!

Check out our five page color spread in Altered Couture, a recent nationwide publication. we even got a cover mention, nice! the article is all about how to repair your own clothes. Buy it near you or online
at atomic books!

happily sharing our business secrets since day 1!

Friday, February 05, 2010

two birds one stone sounded good at the time...

Today was a whirlwind! We are in the thick of it getting ready for boylesque's season opener on tuesday (free at the door, PS) which Medium Reality is styling, as well as two runway shows: the Economics of Art *and* Lovesick3 next week. We have healthy segments in both. Prepping an insane amount of blazers, 10-12 looks in each show, and trying to keep all the models organized in my mind. So many things i have seen this week, in fittings... the things i could tell you! But no, you must come see. Lovesick staged a crazy whirlwind of a fitting in the posh Etiquette Lounge on market st... Watching Jasmine Zorlu and all the other designers prep their models, I am getting really pumped at the level of quality we will be showing!

[sfboylesque]: PUSH at INFUSION LOUNGE this Tuesday, Feb. 9th. Doors open at 6pm. We've nearly 40 performers scheduled to entertain you with 22 acts spread throughout 5 different shows beginning at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00pm. There is absolutely no cover charge to enter this uber-swanky venue. Happy hour-priced drinks and food specials go from 6-9pm.
Infusion Lounge
124 Ellis Street

The Economics of Art
This event will benefit the ground works for the new San Francisco Fashion Week, a fashion industry product to be produced by San Francisco Fashion And Merchant’s Alliance, Inc., a California non-profit corporation.

With a seven panel of industry professionals. We are going to examine the challenges in how to sustain a successful business in the arts, media, luxury, fashion and beauty industry.


1) Bacca DaSilva – Bacca Da Silva Atelier -
2) Corinne Phipps – Urban Darling -
3) Greg Griffin – The Barber Lounge -
4) Kari-Ann Frerichs – Altitude Promotions -
5) Leo Madrid - Linearis Institute of Fine Art -
6) JT Paradox - The SF Style -
7) Deborah Paulino - Eco Couture TV -

MODERATOR: Lorraine Sanders of 7X7 Glam Watch SFIndieFashion

- Blanche Consorti -
- Joy Fan -
- Medium Reality -

Art By: Hilary Williams, Georgianne Fastaia, Matthew Colaguiri, Jack Androvich, Matt Mullin, Carlos Michael Finn, Serge Gay Jr., Jim Winters, Erin McElroy, Jason Austin, Christine Kesler, Jana Blankenship, John Waguespack

MUSIC BY: DJ Diego Rockwell

February 11, 2010, Thursday - 6pm to 10pm
854 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA

LoveSick 3
If you can’t cure the sickness, treat the symptoms this February 14th at The Mighty. You won’t find a cure for your broken heart, however, if you drag yourself over to 119 Utah Street at 7p.m. you will find a plethora of palliative pleasantries.
LoveSick 3 will have a live musical performance by The Goldenhearts, DJ’s Irene Hernandez & Martin Collins, special performance by Bad Unkl Sista, trunk show, art exhibition, kissing/photobooth, and a raffle - all supporting the main even: A smoldering fashion show of the latest in lingerie and fashion from designers such as Alexandria von Bromssen, Miss Velvet Cream, My Dirty Dishes, Medium Reality, Kayo, Invisible Hero, Ghetto Goldilocks, Tamo Design, Gelareh Designs & more. There will be special performance by Bad Unkl Sista & Collaboration Project with Alexandria von Bromssen. The evening’s Master of Ceremonies this year is Emily Morse of Sex With Emily. Come get LoveSick!

Come get LoveSick it’s fun
The Mighty - SF 7pm event starts

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

swankety swank is amazing! check it out this weekend...

February 6, 2010
seven to eleven
The House of Swankety Swank cordially invites you and yours to Dark heARTs, an Atmospheric Convergence of Music, Fashion, Art & Magick! Join us as we celebrate the romantic meeting of imagination and intelligence. Our interactive environment will explore the positive change that comes from facing the shadows within.
Artwork, Live Art, Fashion and Performance:
Kathryn Bernard
Eartha Goodwin
Stephanie Mufson
Selene Gibbous
Oliver Lowe
Bleu Loo
Toy Surprise
Live Wind Player Justin Timothy
Live Electronic Music with Stevedood
Cocktails for the night:
"The Dark Heart"
"Do What Thou Wilt"
"Light As a Feather"
Experience the Magick of the House of Swankety Swank!
Dress in Your Dark heARTs Best!
Art on View until February 28, 2010
289 Divisadero St. @Haight

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sexy Man Style Love

We recently started stocking our shirts and a bunch of other goodies at Swankety Swank on Divisadero at Haight. Yay! This store is HUGE and chock full of super fun playtime goodies, even furniture. Yabette is super nice and I bet this is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon. check out this recent post they did pairing our shirts with some of the other designers' menswear!