Monday, August 20, 2007

Why I don't bother trying to make it perfect

I always find myself trying to explain my philosophy on this to people at shows while hubbub murmurs and drinks slosh around us. I spoke with Jamie once about the yarn-spinning world; she explained to me that handspinners used to look to uniformity as a measure of quality but with the cheap ubiquity of machine-spun yarns the handspun world has turned to character and variations as things you can't get elsewhere. On some level this is true of all goods I think as manufactured perfection is easier and easier to access (for us on this end, at least). I don't see much point in trying imperfectly to emulate processes that I can't hope to actually match. If perfection is no longer the goal, then, what is? How can you aim for "authenticity"? Is that even a real thing? The pictures above are from a stellar series that takes you inside an apparel factory. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I also found myself this weekend again stuttering through an explanation of why apparel manufacturing is just like engineering. I fell short there too, maybe this series can help make that connection clearer.

The sale this Sunday was packed and I made lots of good connections. More clothes made from recycled materials and lasers wandering their way off through the world. Sarah Lowe came in her truck and saved me and what was left of my merchandise from the show as the light failed.

She brought me some little nuggets of delightful trash. I have given myself part of today off and am sorting through them and searching the internet for the original owner of the dog tag. Considering doing more sketches for the Chinese Health Center Window Design That Wouldnt Die in the hopes that in return its german ringleader will translate my vial for me. It came sealed in a metal cannister with a large explanatory text on green tissue crammed inside. More pictures and the backside on my flickr.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Old Boot Dress

This is my new favorite (and so far only) use for old shoes - this is the third piece like this i've done. They are always lent so much character by the material. I can't wait to get this dress on someone with boobs this weekend - It's lovely but too big for me.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rincon Hill Tower

I have been digging through some strange flickr photos since last I posted. It's undeniable that the tower has fantastic views. I think this view of the financial district from the tower is a little strange and disturbing. Maybe if they would leave it low around the tower I'd be happy - lots of tall thin towers surrounded by tree-filled plazas.

yeah, right.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I do indeed love you, San Francisco

Here is an industry-meets-sky image from a recent sailing trip around the bay. I have been trying to capture the edges and transitions from civilization to sky to use in my laser etching work. All this joyful-grim civilization notwithstanding, what I love most about sailing on the bay is the swift and total transition from bustling city to peaceful smooth and empty beauty. It is amazing what calm exists so close to this shrieking city machine.There is a new tower going into South Beach; if you are in San Francisco you've seen it. It's easy to spot from anywhere that you can see the bay bridge, and loads of places where you can't. It's big, and sticks out so much partly because it's much taller than all the buildings around it.

Today I read this article about new Transbay bus terminal plans. They put a skyrise on top like whipped cream. Funny how none of the people lounging on the lawn in the only outdoor street-level rendering they gave us look like homeless people.

This is the gaping pit on my streetcorner. I've started a photoset documenting its fall and high-rise - two towers coming, 2-300 units. Double parking garage, hold the trees. The wind on this wind tunnel is already bad enough to knock you off your bike when you pass out of the lee of Fox Tower.

I keep saying to anyone who will listen, as a form of watery complaint, "If I had wanted to live in Manhattan I would have moved there." We laugh about condos like they are the new in-joke and sip our drinks at parties. Occasionally I'll meet someone at one of those parties, usually older, who is a little rabid in the eyes and is actually Doing Things about it. They usually tell me to keep doing what I'm doing although I don't know that it's anything. Sure as hell going to vote against Newsom again; maybe you will too? My new roommate Graham told me that he thinks these new paintings - made with the laser etchings! - are reminiscent of earthquake photography. Tons of photos exist of the wreckage of the 1906 quake, all sepia and mottled, full of smoking heaps of rubble and bewildered people wearing voluminous clothes. City deconstructed and crumbling all about. I often feel when I am making these sparse and wandering works on wood like I am sort of dealing out a hand of scraps, scattering like a handful of acorns across the table. Little scraps of our city, being burned away from within.

Let's end on a happy note. See how the fog rolls in over the mission? Living here (especially sailing here!) makes the patterns of weather apparent and very fascinating. Blue sky persists beneath. The night before this picture was taken I walked past the same cross street all dark and echoey late night and heard a theremin echoing down from across the boulevard to curl around my ankles like a cat.