Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last Minute Frenzy

All the Burning Man people are in a tizzy getting ready to go. Funk n' Trunk held a special Burning Man fashion event on Sunday and it was packed with the usual annual wierdos getting all glammed up to go roll around in the dirt. It's hard to even think that far ahead but I am going there too. I'm doing little to no preparation for it other than the food-water-shelter essentials, so easy it's practically automatic, and spending my time instead filling last-minute web orders and getting my business ducks in a row to go out of town. It's odd to not have to ask anyone for permission to run away from responsibility for a week and a half - I'm going to the first half of Burning Man, coming home to drop stuff off and sleep in a bed, then heading out to go backpacking with out-of-town friends.

The Funk n Trunk photos linked above, and the two Pandora's Trunk photos in the previous entry were taken by my friend Dan Rosen, Already There photography. Look out for an update to the Pandora's Trunk website soon with photos from the last event and hot tidbits about what's to come - the October 7th show is going to be all about art and live production - from sewing and serging fashion designers who will trim and tuck the clothes right on your body, gonzo millinery demonstrations by yours truly, cello/viola tag team music, fantastical makeup pieces by a professional esthetician to live art by a mystery artist. It's shaping up to be a really broad, unique experience - a great way to get warmed up for a Saturday evening of fun.

Monday, August 14, 2006

And on into the future...

Pandora's Trunk went off this weekend again. I could have wished for more people, but then that's always true. Everyone who came seemed to have a really good time, and I got tons of compliments on my paintings.

I spent some time at the event discussing it with some of the other people there. We concluded that there isn't another regular event with this kind of breadth to it, and that the laid-back fun/party aspect of the event is really great and needs to be emphasized more in our promotions.

In the meanwhile, I've got to get ready for a brutal weekend coming up - three different Medium Reality events!

Monday, August 07, 2006

One Week Left

Pandora's Trunk is a week away and things are in high gear here in the studio. I am down to the wire as far as money goes - almost all of my events this month are in the second half so the first half is starting to feel pretty sparse. One exception to this - I hung a few paintings at the Arc Cafe here in SF last weekend - the promoter told me at the beginning of the event that he'd already heard some enquiries about my piece, so keep your fingers crossed. It was hanging right next to some really truly Andy Warhol prints, so that was pretty cool. Pittsburgh kids make good... or something. To the left you can see a detail from the large painting (3'8"x3')I hung there. I hope to list it on my website soon.

Here you can see a painting I also finished recently, called Treesailing. I did it after I got back from hiking part of the Pacific Crest Trail with my thruhiker friend Chai Guy. You can read a prose piece I wrote about the trip on his blog.

Several pounds of new-dyed wool came in the mail for me a few days ago. It squashes up small in the box and then it just unspools all over the place when I pull it out. Wool is so yummy.

I made this sign recently to go on my displays for when I sell at events. It's made of handspun yarn and silk scraps pieced onto a scrap of surplus parachute, sewn and painted. I love working in a world that is so texturally rich.