Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Aliiiiive!

Craft Con is a business development conference for the craft community. That's our tagline. i say it a lot. i write a lot of emails and make a lot of phone calls, because that's what this planning job is all about. I have felt recently a little like a cheerleader, helping people who are quite literally spread across the globe to figure out what tasks they want to do and ways to do them. We've done most of the planning to date live in full view on a wiki. Yesterday I was handed the reins to our website, being made and made pretty and most importantly made gloriously functional by Autumn in St Louis, who I met last year at Craft Congress 2007.

I started plugging in bits of text written by various helpers, editing language to be more uniform and cramming different bits together to help make different statements. Now it's a website, viola! What an amazing and humbling experience. Thanks everyone, from australia to england, new york to los angeles. Autumn of course says it's not done, and going to look even more fabulous, and be even more gloriously functional. I might plotz.

Monday, February 25, 2008

February Report

This had been a head down, ploughing through sort of month. Pandora's Trunk is standing up; it's been really amazing to watch the group of artists that we brought together take initiative and leadership. The community feeling is pretty amazing. It's been shaky in a lot of ways too, since we are building an organization from the ground up in a pretty organic fashion... totally on the fly. I wish I had more time to spend at the library, and a bunch of money to spend on consultants. Heh. I suppose if I had that bunch of money I'd spend it on employees and contractors.

Amidst all of that trying to focus anew on myself as an artist. It's hard to be a businessperson also; it usually feels like one or the other. Business has been winning.

The photo above was included in a guide to San Francisco - go me!
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