Friday, July 07, 2006

Store stocked up, oh yeah.

The last two weeks have been like a marathon! The store is now fully stocked for launch, with new felt dreadlocks and scarves as well as a bunch of new hats. The new hats are all fully lined, which is another step in the direction of being proper and respectable. I just finished the layout for the new stock cards i am getting - and sent off an order for 2500!!! These cards are crucial in the next few steps. They are part of being able to consign in local stores (what's consigning? it's when you put your stuff in the store to sell but you dont get paid until it sells - the store does not buy it from you) which is, of course, a promotion tool for the website as well as a great way to make some quick cash. I also plan on putting them around in coffeeshops, hair salons, etc as a major part of promoting the website. I think they look pretty good - we'll see how they actually come out. There's always a little bit of a wierd bump shifting from electronic to print form.

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