Tuesday, July 31, 2007

They like us, they really like us!

A friend told me recently that Pandora's Trunk was mentioned in Readymade Magazine; I called them up and they sent me a lovely copy super fast. They made a spread about shows around the country and Pandora's Trunk is the only event mentioned for the whole Bay Area! I feel so fancy!You may have been wondering to yourself, what's going on with the next Pandora's Trunk? Details ahoy! It's going to be an awesome co-production with cool dance party kids NK7 productions. I met Nicole doing volunteer work for Room to Read, I am looking forward to working with her again. I am excited to be a part of a big professional event like they put on, lots different than the normal Pandora fare. Variety is the spice of life! The most exciting part is that there will be a fashion show where members of the audience will model clothes that they've bought.

NK7 Productions Presents:
Inspriration for the Playa
Sunday, August 19th
2pm - 10pm

Over 20 fashion designers and DJs that inspire us on the playa!
Featuring Music By:

Deep End
Kramer Vs John Early
Deep End/Opulent Temple
Jeffrey Allen vs Hoj
Green Gorilla Lounge
M3 vs Antonio
Space Cowboys
Kapt'n Kirk vs Mancub
House of Lotus
Shissla vs Neeziack
Seismic/Opulent Temple
Murphstar vs Melyss
Sol vs Smoove
Gravity Point
Eric Sharp vs DJ B
Pink Mammoth
Trevor vs Greg Smoke

Pandora's Trunk and Funk n Trunk present
Playa Designs by:
Eion 2013
Get a Headcase
Jan Hilmer
JR Reforming Fashion
Medium Reality
Miranda Caroligne
miss velvet cream
Mythica Masks & Adornments
Shawna Hoffman
Silver Lucy Design
Steam Trunk
Super Sugar Ray Ray
Wendy Darling Design
Wild Card
and many more....
Checks and cash preferred for designs
Performances by:
Auberon Shull
Sound by:
Scrumptious BBQ on the patio!
Bring your hoops, toys and fun furry things and play!

Cafe Cocomo
650 Indiana Street
Free Before 3pm
$10 w/RSVP to info@nk7productions.com
$15 at the door.


  1. HEYeee Strange Folk is on there too OMG! Cool! Thanks for posting, I am so stealing your scan don't sue my ass. Also, thinking of you fondly and of what mischief we can stir up at the next Craft Congress :)

  2. Der - I just posted it to the Craft Congress list as well. I'm glad you reminded me that others will want to know as well. Next year will be super fun, especially if we are running rampant in new york! I keep wishing i could come down for strange folk but it's a pretty laughable impulse at this stage. xoxx!

  3. I know! New York, Etsy, yay! Maybe we could both fly out a couple days early and paint the town red, and hot pink, and royal blue before congress is in session? Neither impulsive, nor laughable. Double negative... did I just cancel myself out? Who cares!

    I think the first order of biz would be to look up the computer geek extrodanairs for reasons only we can know. Teehee.

    I want a signed copy of your book BTW, I love it so far!
    X's and O's and X's :)