Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sense of Place

Sense of Place is the new working title of my book. The .pdfs below are the first two chunks; they aren't polished perfect but the meat is all there and cooked. The rest is written but has two major hangups still. It is formatted right now in spreads of 6"x6" pages; you may need to rotate the view in your .pdf viewer (I use foxit, wayyyy sleeker program than acrobat). It is formatted to print easily if you are so inclined. Please make sure your printer is set to high quality so you can see the images - they are an important atmospheric part of the story. It's an exciting time for artists like me as high quality image reproduction becomes incredibly accessible and affordable even for simple low-budget projects. I also draw with a nib pen; it sometimes boggles me the aeons of time worth of tools that I have all stockpiled in my house and there at my fingertips for me to use.

Chapter One of my illustrated travel memoir - in final edits now.

Chapter Two of my illustrated travel memoir - in final edits now.

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