Friday, July 20, 2007

Inverse Proportionate

It's a funny feature of this style of publication that the deepest silences often indicate the most frenzied activity. I have been trying desperately to soak up the summer sun, take a little time to have some fun before the clouds roll in, and trying to move some beloved projects forward. Lots has been in the works. First, Pandora's Trunk on June 30th was a big success. People left a bright and perfectly sunny day to hang out with us in our (admittedly airy and sunlit as well) gallery of delights. New musician friend Sandra B was a big hit (see her for free Monday night at Blondie's! I'll be there, 8pm) and my new cowboy shirts practically flew off the rack. My extra-special favorite was the man who turned the girliest pink-and-purple shirt ever into the manliest pink-and-purple shirt ever.

The book is almost complete - I've scanned lots of old negatives (in the process, learning just how unstable that information storage medium really is...) Now just have some auxiliary edits and agreement issues to work out. Look here for .pdf chapter previews soon. Tell all your publisher friends!

I'm throwing an exhibitor reception & artist salon for the Expo for the Artist and Musician and have been putting some ducks in a row for that. I don't want to spill too much till it's solidified but I am getting some really exciting (female! +5 points!) speakers and putting together some really exciting panels. I'm basically getting all my smart friends and business acquaintances to sit together in a room and talk about stuff that's intriguing and confusing to me. How could it go wrong? Especially when that room is CELLspace.

That's it for now. Lots has been going on, too much to write about. More updates soon.

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