Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pandora's Trunk goes nuclear

... in the good way, I mean. I managed to land a small cash sponsorship so there will be food, a decent spread of food. I think that I have professional help for this spread, so those of you who have been saying that I need it for years finally get your satisfaction. This goes along with the booze that we always have, naturally. I'm looking forward to a show that doesn't start with me moving every couch and bicycle in the house. The new art gallery venue combined with some theatrical assistance from the Magic Theatre (a small stage and some theatrical curtains) is really taking the show to another level of polish. The artists are mostly coordinated and complementary and the painter who did the show that will be up at the gallery will be present selling his comic book. What a strange assortment you will meet! I feel pretty great about the organizational state of the show - I am shining up the website a little right now, tracking down broken links before its usual pre-event onslaught of viewers. As always it's a little bit of a mystery what the result of all this work will be on April 28th, but as I sit here burnishing my armor and sharpening my sword, I feel pretty good about my level of preparedness.

Bring it on.

Pandora’s Trunk - 1 Year Anniversary!

A bi-monthly eclectic arts showcase & fashion sample sale

Saturday April 28th 1-7pm

free admission - live music - free drinks

Mina Dresden Gallery 312 Valencia @ 14th, San Francisco

Visual Vaudeville & Built Burlesque

"Vaudeville" is thought to come from the french ‘voix de ville’, voice of the city. Come let us speak to you. We will tell you a tale of independent artists and designers, making satirical and sexy statements like the vaudevillians of old, out of anything they can lay their dirty little hands on. Our first anniversary is shaping up to be a blowout party! We have busted our old studio at the seams and are coming to you from an all new location where the Mission and SoMa meet.

The event will feature a fashion sample sale, including local firecrackers Miranda Caroligne, Bad Unkl Sista, Medium Reality & the inimitable Shannon Riley.

Artist and screenprinter Marshall Adams, who you may know from his work at Porcelynne, will be there screen printing his designs live onto a shirt of your own choosing. It doesn’t get any more custom than that!

Local musical bombshell Kitten on the Keys will be there playing the sexiest instrument known to womankind, and the smoky-hot Jahmayo will be joining us from LA, guaranteed to be wearing the tightest pants ever donned by a black man who wasn’t Prince.

Indie designers, producers, and artists will be joining us with jewelry, photography, paintings, gourmet chocolate, housewares and more, using leather and feathers, metals precious and base, acrylic plastic, and resin-coated paper along with the traditional ribbons and bows to make you beautiful… with teeth.

Visit our website for a frequently updated roster of artists with pictures and links! Contact us to get involved!

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