Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Derek Kirk Kim is totally cute

I spent all weekend at the Alternative Press Expo and had a blast. People were very appreciative of my work (i sold a bunch of little paintings!) and I must have distributed about a thousand cards for Pandora's Trunk. I also got to meet a comic whose work I really like, Derek Kirk Kim. I spent the first day squeezed in next to one of R. Crumb's contemporaries, who was hawking vintage comics of that era. It was an era of filth humor, though, so the comics are all things like "Twat" and "Jizz". He just kept calling out obscenities, the names of the comics, over and over again. The second day of the event those guys didn't come back so I got to spread out over the whole table - and had way better love from the audience as a result!

Pandora's Trunk is coming fast and furious - this weekend! Our live screenprinter bailed at the last minute so I have been trying to put together some kind of art production performance and fill the extra space that was created. I am putting some polishing touches on the website; I spent all day making signs and paperwork and screwing around with a recalcitrant printer, and answering as many goddamn emails as I could possibly manage - way not enough. Sometimes being a professional artist is not very goddamn exciting at all.

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