Sunday, April 29, 2007

Craft Congress, Pandora Success

Pandora's Trunk yesterday went amazingly well! The new venue, which I still need to co back and restore to its original state, was fantastic. My helpers were super-helpful! I will post more details later but there is much still to do (we gave away fabulous prizes. To who? well, er, I've got to do the drawing yet.) In the meanwhile you can read this report of the recent conference I attended. Autumn and I sat next to each other at dinner (as you can see from my weird-face picture. I hope that's a weird face. is that really what I look like?) on the first night and became good friends. I have a giant binder of files waiting to be processed still from that trip too, but now you can read a bit about the conference. It gave me tons of ideas, too, but now I get to implement them for my next show!

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  1. Hey Rachel, my chummy chum! Glad to hear Pandoras went so well, I want to see pics. Maybe we can get together and plan the first craft fair on Gliese 581c..even though it would take 20 light years to get there (that is if we had an atomic powered rocket ship)..I think alien sea monkeys would really like your wet felted hats and I could show them how to macrame with their extrasolar seaweed :)
    <3 - Autumn