Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where the Hell Have You Been?

OK, well at least this time there is a very legitimate excuse. I have been in The Middle East. I landed a free trip to Israel, funded by various parts of the world zionist conspiracy (if you believe in such a thing) and am finishing up a scant few days in New York on my way back to San Francisco that I have used to variously see friends, family, and recover from jet lag, sleep deprivation, brain overflowing syndrome, and snotty illness. I am still blowing a little blood out with the snots but none of it has drained into my lungs so I am pronouncing that a victory.

I am in the process of processing my photos and uploading them to the interwebs (I only have a free account on flickr so some of it may have to wait until next month rolls over my upload limits) and while I don't have as many as I'd like of various points & people on the trip I do have puh-lenty of shots. I will post a few here as a teaser and promise to put up more. Somehow in the next week and a half in addition to preparing for my runway show this weekend (Opel V) (San Franciscans who want to get in half-price drop me an email) and a live construction event next weekend (Alchemy/Running With Scissors) I will post trip reports. Cross my heart. I further pledge that the next time I take a trip I will have already taken the time to learn what all of the stupid buttons on this new-to-me digital camera do, so I can go back to my original ways of silly little things like being able to manually adjust my aperture settings. Advance apologies for over-exposed and poorly adjusted photographs. Still Learning the Technology.

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