Sunday, March 18, 2007

Opel V a success!

The show tonight came off without a hitch - amazingly smooth! Well, more than one last-minute change got made but nothing too overwhelming. All the models were very accommodating of our ministrations, nobody freaked out about anything, and lots of people enjoyed the work. Strangers grabbed me to tell me so. I saw my dear friends Chuck and Lizanne front and center photographing the runway, so hopefully I will have some better evidence later. In the meanwhile, some backstage snaps:


  1. thx rachel for contributing your unique style and adorable accessories! it was great to work with you - keep me posted with the photos!


  2. Rachel,
    What a night! Looks exotic and fun.
    I am getting back to normal, after surgery, travel, the dog died, so I feel crummy syndrome. Later,