Saturday, December 30, 2006

on christmas i went sailing

(and on the way to sailing i poured hot coffee square in the eyes of a princessy little pug dog, but that's another story)

Christmas was eerie, quiet, calm and grey. we saw one other sailboat. the dog threw his tennis ball overboard and we did drills to get it.

eerie silent floating tanker, water blending into sky. Reminded us both of Mieville's The Scar.

the only sounds we could hear were the twin faint roars of 101 and 80, and the water lapping at the boat. Well, that and the dog's frantic panting as he gently tossed a tennis ball to antron over and over and over and over. We drank raspberry lambic and nattered and fell silent, over and over again. I untwisted a block and tackle.

the city faded into the background and the sky and bay enclosed us. You can see a faint Bay Bridge to the right in this photo.

everything we could see was battened down nice and snug. everyone but us was at home. (we did see one other sailboat, with two boaters in it. they had the right idea too.)

dusk fell without a defining moment; the sun set invisibly somewhere behind a wall of clouds.

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