Sunday, December 10, 2006

Amazing Success!

Pandora's Trunk this Saturday was a tremendous success - the place was packed and there were lots of smiling new faces. A heavy rainstorm came up midshow and people kept arriving! Everything was a blast and several people have promised me pictures but all I can show you so far are these two, taken by my friend Chris ; the Santa outing you can see in that link took place at the same time as Pandora's Trunk and we definitely had more than a few Santified guests throughout the day. Santa and robots go well together, don't you think?The Chipper
This is the monster that chews up the curb. He has a pedal that you press and he chomps at you, ka-pthunk! ka-think! Dogs hate him. He has stainless steel teeth and giant beady eyes.

These are poured plastic mini-creatures that Aharon had to go along with her actual robots. You can see two orange & 1 purple miniatures here of her larger Happy Robot piece, the creepiest Happy Robot ever.

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