Monday, November 20, 2006

A Whole Lotta Paintings

...but so few of them for me!

These two are hanging on Haight St in Ruby Gallery:

This one may have already been purchased:
And this one, which photographed poorly because it is under glass, will stay at home with me for the time being.It's always a great feeling to write the name on and sign the back, packaging up a batch of paintings to pass on to the outside world.

I'm leaving in a few days to go to the east coast for a little over a week. While there I will enjoy family togetherness for Thanksgiving, a visit with my grandmother on Long Island, and a whirlwind trip through NYC (haven't been back in years!) to pimp my hats at boutiques. I sent out a round of mailers last week, and have an appointment already at Serimony. Hopefully more to come! I'm doing a round of emails tomorrow as well.

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