Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The large and the small

Pandora's Trunk, my eclectic San Francisco arts event series, just landed a sponsorship from Craft: Magazine! This will really give the event a kick in the pants. If you were thinking of going, now you've got another reason: Craft:zine goodies. I'm also expecting a package of handmade pieces from New Zealand soon, from Ami-Ana Crochet - these will be for sale at the December 9th Pandora. Lots and lots of robots at that show, and plenty more surprises up my sleeve. Sign up for the mailing list to stay in the loop about the show - you don't want to miss a thing!

Blog-love recently from:
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The Fabulist

I just got 150 copies of my winter line sheet printed(this is a document displaying the Medium Reality wares with prices and wholesale purchase information) and am ready to launch my three-phase retail attack.
Step one:
take over Japan
Step two:
take over NYC
Step three:

Finally, as per viewer request, here is the bicycle that you can see in the bicycle cloche:

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