Monday, June 13, 2011

Pants Interface!

Pants Interface is a family of wearable technology projects that are completely open-source and aim to make it easy to install wireless interface devices into any garment or costume. This project is the brainchild of artist and designer Rachel Lyra Hospodar.

Right now Pants Interface is focused on something very simple - making fabric buttons. These soft circuit momentary switches use arduinos and wireless radios to allow anyone wearing the device to trigger, well...anything a piece of electronics can do. The device can speak USB to a computer and control computer software as well as speaking MIDI to sound, video, and lighting equipment. A performer could trigger projection cues, lighting cues, sound effects, audio loops, anything at all. A home user could advance songs on computer playback, control volume, or play games without being tied to a desk chair.

Next will come a full computer keyboard and mouse embedded in a pair of pants - so that users can get up from office chairs and work from more ergonomic (and varied) positions. It will also represent an interesting direction in the conception of computer interface devices - by attaching the devices to the users themselves, Pants Interface can change the way we relate to and use technology objects.

Some links to find out more about the project:

Our kickstarter fundraising drive - ends in 1 week!

A four-minute video about the kickstarter project

The project website, listing more info about the project collaborators, the mouse touchpad project, and the philosophy behind it all.

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