Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Two openings, one on each side!

April? Are you kidding me? I'd say I don't know how it snuck up on me so fast, but I do know: I have been hiding out in the studio, working furiously and trying to slow the passage of time. Coming up are two very different openings: one in San Francisco, showcasing my mixed media acrylic collage paintings, and one at the St Vincent de Paul donations warehouse in Oakland. Conveyor belts... baling machines... reclaimed textile art. No Problem. Both feature works made using laser etching and cutting. Read on for details!

1. Relics of Memory
Art opening: mixed media acrylic collage

Thursday april 7th 8pm-???
Cafe Royale: 800 Post St
@ Leavenworth, San Francisco
refreshments 8pm
Sweet Trade music 9pm
wine, beer, and pool till they kick us out!

2. St Vincent de Paul Fashion Artist-in-Residence Showings
Art opening: Garments, Accessories, and Photographs

Saturday April 9th 6-9pm
SVdP Urban Eco-Park Warehouse
9235 San Leandro Street
Oakland, CA
live music from Casio Beat Scene

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