Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pandora's Trunk & Medium Reality - upcoming events incl. Cabaret Deconstructiv April 18th 1-5pm

This is the last cabaret runway storytime we will be producing for a while so come and check out this amazing format! Read on for more info on this show as well as several others – an art opening in the Mission, a whole troupe of male burlesque performers (yes you heard me) wearing hot new designs, and of course Maker Faire on May 30th, where Pandora will return to the runway Science Style.

Pandora’s Trunk presents Cabaret Deconstructiv: the Clown Edition!
Saturday April 18th 1-5pm

In the cutthroat world of runway design, there isn't a lot of room for levity, or playfulness... BZZZZT! THHHHBT! Pandora's Trunk is blowing a raspberry in the face of tradition. Presenting afternoon runway storytime series Cabaret Deconstructiv, *The Clown Edition*! Each designer's models represent thematic characters in our remixed runway show, where fashion and design is at the center of storytime. Set to a live original score, local designers showcase their best new and reconstructed garments, which our narrator TJ Hooker spins into a mind-blowing clowntastic fairytale. Yes, with free sangria.

Pandora's Trunk presents Cabaret Deconstructiv
Saturday April 18th
Design microbusiness showcase, show-off, and sale 1-5pm
Cabaret runway show & sustainable storytime at 2:30&4pm
Climate Theater
285 9th St., climatetheater.com
cover charge by sliding scale from $4
Refreshments * Live music

Delights for the eyes and various other body parts presented in a microbusiness show-off, where cleverly & sustainably operating folk are hanging out with trunksful of goodies to show and tell, and sell. Keep your ass and your money local and find out how your neighbors are building the future with... fun! Don’t forget to grab a free back issue of Craft Magazine to celebrate the upcoming Maker Faire!

*Also coming up*….

Opening Reception
Secession Art & Design gallery/boutique/workspace
Friday April 17th 6:30-9:30
3361 Mission St (across from 30th St Safeway) SF CA

Announcing a splash first hit in a whole new style of collaborations! Pandora’s Trunk designers have started a new program of costume sponsorship for SF Bay Area performers who we think need to be rocking a cutting edge style to go along with their world-class performances. You’ll barely have time to miss Cabaret Deconstructiv. Be sure to check out advance and discount tickets!

Sf Boylesque's monthly DAS KABARETT is now presenting its fourth episode, Das Kabarett: RECESS-I$-ON on April 28th & 29th. In a time of budget cuts and global economic crisis, Boylesque is throwing caution out the window and staging their largest show yet. More dancers, more singers, more musicians, more flesh, and more laughs add up to more fun for all! Free wine, giveaways, and complimentary treats are de rigueur complements to the debut of Das Kabarett’s newest family members, The Barnaby Sisters, styled by Medium Reality. Surprise musical guests are sure to delight at the vagabond arcade begining @ 7:30.

This show will act as a benefit for Food Not Bombs (http://sffnb.org/), a 28 year-old, world-wide organization dedicated to the principles of nonviolence, providing free vegetarian food and literature to anyone without restriction. Every dollar collected provides 4 meals to the hungry.

Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th @ 8pm.
Mama Calizo's Voice Factory
1519 Mission Street
$20 discounted advance tickets
save an additional 10%

Pandora's Trunk in May

Pandora's Trunk is happy to announce a trip to San Mateo for Maker Faire, the biggest & bestest showcase of all things patched together, hacked on, welded up, soldered to, folded from, and made out of every kind of cool thing you can imagine. This special runway storytime presentation will follow immediately after the traditional Swap-O-Rama-Rama remade fashion extravaganza, and present top-notch professional design talent from the Bay Area and beyond in a narrative fashion storytale set to live music. Keep your eyes peeled for the return of one of SF's prodigal designers - Lara Grant will be taking a break from hacker school in New York to create and showcase a pair of sonic dresses. Prepare to be amplified!

Saturday, May 30 5:45 pm
Maker Faire
San Mateo

If you’ll think back way back when, you’ll remember all the ticket and special magazine giveaways we have done in years past… we love Maker Faire and Maker Faire loves us! Be sure to check out this awesome event; it’s a nexus of love, support, and idea generation for all sorts of bay area folks who are, very officially, Up To No Good.

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