Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pandora's Trunk Spring Save the Date

Pandora’s spring series is once again bringing you storytime fables told in fabulous style, with fashionable morals and immoral fashions all tied up in a canvas sack with a bow on top. Design and performance from a whole host of humans including powerhouse Bad Unkl Sista and newcomer Aradia Sunseri as well as Surly on viola and our inimitable narrator TJ Hooker, otherwise known in certain circles as Khadijah from the House of Salad.

Pandora's Trunk presents
Cabaret Deconstructiv
Saturday March 14th
& Saturday April 18th
Design microbusiness showcase, show-off, and sale 1-5pm
Cabaret runway show & sustainable storytime at 2:30&4pm
Climate Theater
285 9th St.,
cover charge by sliding scale

Refreshments * Live music

Delights for the eyes and various other body parts presented in a microbusiness show-off, where cleverly & sustainably operating folk are hanging out with trunksful of goodies to show and tell, and sell. Keep your ass and your money local and find out how your neighbors are building the future with... fun!

Bad Unkl Sista
TJ Hooker
Aradia Sunseri
Surly on viola
GhettO GoLdiLOcKs
Medium Reality
Miss Velvet Cream
Curiouser and Curiouser
Pallas Ravae
Cotton Candie Couture
Tamo Designs

Runway & Walkabout Models
Val Cunningham (Modeinstyle)
Jade Rivera (Curiouser & Curiouser)

March's show will be about growth and exploration, disasters averted. April is clown month at Climate and we are going to take part with clowns, monsters, an evil force and overflowing joy. At one of these two shows we are going to premiere the Medium Reality fashion/music/art video that Aharon Bourland (of happy red robot fame), Totter Todd, and Fkir Elderfae have been working on - featuring TJHooker esq. as well as Medium Reality and GhettO GoLdiLOcks clothing. hooray! Let's all make more awesome art-love together, hm?


  1. Hey, sorry, this has nothing to do with your current post, but in your list of favorite music you list the Subhumans. Would that be the Subhumans (UK) or the Subhumans (Canada). As you may already know, there are 2 bands with the same name. I'm just asking a few people to find out how many folks know about the Canadian band. Best regards.

  2. hey Gerry,

    i only know of the UK band! i think they are pretty well known so if you're a punk band especially you may want to think about changing it...