Monday, March 30, 2009


I am experimenting with syndicating myself using free webtools... Interlinking everything so that, for example, when i upload files to flickr, it posts them to facebook for me. When I tweet on twitter it shows up in four different places on the web - including to your left if you are viewing this in its original form. I am trying to find all of the ways that i can to tell people about things all across my internets at once, posting all my juicy content in as few keystrokes as possible...leaving more time for the making! sometimes it's a delicious way to share event photos and artistic products, sometimes it can slip over into self-referential madness.

I'm experimenting with using internet widgets across all my different websites! I want YOUR feedback - tell me if it helps you to find out about stuff, or is annoying and repetetive, or even worse dysfunctional.

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