Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Van Orlax: urban vinyl

We are putting on a production of Friends, by Kobo Abe, at Brava Theatre. It opens November 6th. I am the set designer. The play, written as a commentary on society's control of the individual, is being presented as an absurdist take on gentrification and the present times. The main character is a grown man with a toy collection. Today I met with our wonderful props artists at Kid Robot in the upper Haight and we looked at toys, threw around ideas, and picked a bunch of things out! We bought this one (and a bunch of others... we each went home on the bus or skateboard with arms teeming). It is 20" tall. Here is another color scheme of the same sculpture:

Van Orlax

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lineup confirmed for Pandora's Trunk this Saturday!

Pandora's Trunk
Oct 25th, 2-8pm

Music & Performance

3-3:45 Diana McCullough - variously saw, guitar, vocals

5-5:45 Diana McCullough - variously saw, guitar, vocals

6-7 Jesse Roadkill - audience interaction accordion clowning

7-7:30 Diana McCullough - variously saw, guitar, vocals

Art & Design

Medium Reality

Reconstructed Menswear

Bad Unkl Sista

Mistake Media Amazingness

Miss Velvet Cream

Neo-Archaic Madness x2

Paper Organics Jewelry

One of a Kind Wearable Sculpture

Ghetto Goldilocks

Reconstructed Sweater Ragamuffin

E-Star Hats

Hats and Headpieces for All Occasions

Recover Your Thoughts

Blank Books made from Recycled Materials

Pallas Ravae

Romantic Found Object Jewelry

Minerva's Antennae

Tribal Clothing, Costume, and Adornments

Kelsey's Creations

Confections Dripping with Lace

+++ More artists, info, and images coming soon for October 25th.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hobo Hyphy Location Photo Shoot

This photo shoot was quick and dirty and fantastic, climbing all over the rickety piers. I wish the photos showed me trailing desperately behind with a wheeled suitcase full of shirts.
All these photos were taken at 5th Ave Marina in Oakland. It's ragged and dirty and coming apart - the opposite of South Beach, where I usually go sailing. I love it there and was thrilled to see these sneak peek photos from the shoot.
It was hard to manage the different aspects of the location - it's amazing the difference in location shoots and studio shoots, both in what has to go in and how it can come out. I don't think any clothes got ruined on location - although i did put iron marks on two of them rushing to get ready. Doh!
View the rest of the photos.

RevellRay Photography
Medium Reality Clothing

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 25th and Full Season Card

Pandora is ready to drop this weekend! We have a confirmed lineup of awesome performers, playing the saw, accordion, and guitar, singing, dancing, and even a little clowning. We have an entire season planned of unprecedented design entertainment. All we need is you.

As always any help telling your awesome friends about our awesome free party is super appreciated! Looking forward to seeing you all and showing you what we have been up to!

Pandora's Trunk

Indie Arts and Fashion: sale, salon, and performance!

October 25th, Saturday, from 2-8pm
BUS stop, 135 Dore off Folsom at 10th

free admission
live music
free drinks

As the sun orbits away from the center of our city, keep the chill out of your bones with a brand new warm jacket and a story told by the visionary who made it! This fall and winter Pandora's Trunk is opening anew, letting loose a wandering group of designers. Like minstrels or troubadours, they are traveling from venue to venue with trunks and bins loaded full of clothing and secrets in equal measure. Events this fall will take indie arts to a whole new level, blending fashion runway, storytelling, drag performers, accordionists, chanteuses, clowns, musicians, fine art, functional objects. Indie arts producers will also be demonstrating, interacting, and showing their work.

Engaging performers, live music, free refreshments, indie arts & fashion sale. These shall be our watchwords. Check out the website to keep up to date on
artists, performers, and mayhem.

And while you're at it check the rest of Pandora's winter season:

November 22nd, Saturday, from 1-5pm
Climate Theatre 285 9th @ Folsom
Come and hear the makings of our tale at Cabaret De(con)structiv. Climate Theatre is giving us a cross between a runway and a cabaret stage. We'll look inside your pants and tell you where they came from... telling a story using our ideas and our artifacts.

December 4th, Thursday, from 6-11pm
Brava Theatre 2781 24th @ York near Bryant
Watch the magic of our whole splendid story! We will settle into a luxuriant restored vaudeville theatre, using its gilded proscenium to frame a fully produced fashion design storytale.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Announcing Pandora's Fall Season!

I worked hard to put together all three shows for this season! I will officially release all the information soon, there is just one last event time to set and then all three shows are totally booked and at least sketched in, and the season promo materials can go to print. I feel so fancy!

Now I need to somehow post all this information to the pandora's trunk website. Alice Lin, my awesome web designer, made me a website and showed me how to update it, because i think i can i think i can! we'll see how I do!

Later today I have a production meeting for Friends, a play we are producing in November at Brava Theatre. I finished the design, let's hope they like it! I will try to post some scans of those drawings.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Chillin until Pandora's Trunk returns

This awesome event is tonight. Check below or at Chillin's website for more info. Also, take note! Pandora's crawling out of her own trunk this fall for some awesome dates. October 25th we'll be doing a sale in a warehouse venue south of market, and December 4th we'll be producing a holiday sale and runway spectacular at Brava's swanky restored vaudeville theatre. get in touch to get involved, thinkers, artists, musicians, makers... bored people. we want you!

Chillin' Productions bring you:


Live Music by:
Little Yellow Perfect (

DJ Felina (
Rondo Brothers (
Russell Vargas (
Dave Madix (

Visuals by:

Art exhibit by:
Captain And Commander
New Works By Henry Lewis and Keli Reule

* 944 Magazine will launch it's first addition of their Arts and Culture
Issue! (*

When: Saturday October 4, 2008
Where: 111 Minna Gallery (
$6 at the door
Must be 21+ ID

For more info go to:

Also Check out our favorite t-shirt blogg

Thank you to our great sponsors:
944 Magazine (
SF Weekly (
UNSCENE urban navigator (
SF Station (
Yelp (
Nitevive (
Vanderkitten (
Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (
This Old Bag (
AIDS Emergency Fund (
Ipling ( (
111 Minna Gallery (
Spork Restaurant (
Addiction Hair Salon (
Lucid Beauty (
Hair Play (
Access Institute for psychological services (
The Innovative Fashion Council of San Francisco (
Style Industry (
Mosio (
Ladybrille (
Legend Magazine (
Red Poppy Art House (
Mars Bar (
Ovahere (
Thread Show (
Stitch Lounge (
Dirtyhertz (
Primo Promotes (
Nofu (
House of Dolores Moore
Hope Flight Foundation (
Nomadika (
Fashionbliss (
Jules Beauty (
Blowfish Sushi (
Little Yellow Perfect (
Porcelynne (
Ibarra Knight Photography (
Monavie (

Here are the designers involved in the October 4 show:

1. Tucky Mama (
2. Gytha Mander -
3. REVL -
4. Booty Boutique
6. "Recover Your Thoughts" (
7. Heathen (
8. Life Clothing
9. La Plata, designed by Madlene (
10. Vanessa Salazar (
11. Integrity Fashions (
12. Kucoon (
13. RH: Original ( (
14. Cara Lyndon Designs (
15. Mad February (
16. Invisible Hero Industrie (www./
17. Slutz Get Jealous( )
18. Medium Reality (
19. Solsis (
?20. OdileOdette (
21. Revel Industries (
22. Tessa Kemp Jewelry (
23. O'Lover Hats (
24. Mison (
25. Strydye (
26. Taryn Lin Design (
27. Amanda Lynn (
28. Flame Angel Design (
29. Sondra Osuchowski (
30. Silvana Danies (
31. Kevin Harris (
32. Callou (
33. Maducca (
34. Rajput Designs
35. IBISS (
36. Beth Bloom designs (
37. Gypsies and Lords (
38. Kaatje design
39. Spiritjoy Designs (
40. Threads by Cho-Cho (
41. Sophistafunk Hats
42. Honeycomb Jewelry (
43. fuffy j (
44. Harlequin (
45. Mikobella Designs (Http://
46. Lynn Eye Style (www.Lynneyestyle)
47. Mixerfriendly (
48. Engracia Jewelry
49. Pink Voodoo Jewelry
50. Artefacture (
51. 2.7.9 Designs
52. Tenacious Little Monkey (
53. Taste O' Brazil (
54. Bound
56. Palm Creations (
57. Monica Chey
58. 1228 (
59. Faze Apparel (
60. Lady Bird SF (
61. Liliana Swearingen