Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hobo Hyphy Location Photo Shoot

This photo shoot was quick and dirty and fantastic, climbing all over the rickety piers. I wish the photos showed me trailing desperately behind with a wheeled suitcase full of shirts.
All these photos were taken at 5th Ave Marina in Oakland. It's ragged and dirty and coming apart - the opposite of South Beach, where I usually go sailing. I love it there and was thrilled to see these sneak peek photos from the shoot.
It was hard to manage the different aspects of the location - it's amazing the difference in location shoots and studio shoots, both in what has to go in and how it can come out. I don't think any clothes got ruined on location - although i did put iron marks on two of them rushing to get ready. Doh!
View the rest of the photos.

RevellRay Photography
Medium Reality Clothing

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