Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Putting together a show like nobody's ever done before

What a funny feeling! Innovation is always dangerous, both to the status quo and to the innovator. So much could go wrong! You have to keep explaining what you are doing!

November 22nd Pandora's Trunk is going to be amazing. We are producing a runway show like nothing you've ever seen before - it's not just a series of talented designers, it's also a storytime fable narrated by a spooky awesome drag performer. December 4th will be that, x10.

Come on over!!

Pandora's Trunk presents
Cabaret De(con)structiv

1-5 pm, Saturday, November 22nd
Free Admission * Live Performance * Free Refreshments

Cabaret De(con)structiv is a fashion show turned on its head, a costumed storytime in cabaret style. Drag performers and captured princesses mix with bad banker men and jeweled birds, set to live viola and saw music. Check out a fully produced stage show, performed to live music, and meet and greet with the clothing and costume geniuses behind it all. Buy the fashions that you see onstage off the rack, fresh from each designer's hot little hands.


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