Thursday, November 13, 2008

De(con)structiv is really coming together!!!

Whew. After having to - very unexpectedly - temporarily relocate Medium Reality Studios, I was stricken with The Flu. It's become a pattern: anytime something super stressful happens to me, when it's over, I get sick. This spring I kept the flu at bay with vitamin C but wasn't as successful this fall, ending up laid up in bed for almost a week. I am on the mend, though, and my new studiomates have been very kind in putting up with my pathetic attempts to get work done while hacking like a victim of the Black Plague. Charming, I know. Now that my head, and lungs, are clearing, I am able to put some thought to November 22nd's Pandora's Trunk. Eeek! That's pretty soon. The event is coming together in fits and starts, although I do sorely miss the previous week. The violist called me today and I sent her the script to take a look at so that she can maybe get a chance to, oh, practice the music she will use for the show? She is very relaxed about the time situation and is prepared to wing it a little! Bless my friends and their indulgence of my crazy visions. A few days ago someone emailed me asking to help manage december's show. Yes please! Now I just gotta get butts in the door to see what everyone's been busting ass on!!

While you are waiting, on tenterhooks, to hear more about the show, check out this awesome director lady's post about a tie I sent her... sending product through the mail reminds me of glue sticks and zines and high school. I try to come off as more sophisticated now but it's the same basic itch being scratched, don't kid yourself.

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