Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Doors Wide Open

Holy whew. The list of things still to be done never does shrink. The store has been standing on its own for a little over a week now. Stress levels are lowering even as problems don't stop (leak in the newly patched roof, anyone?) because by gum it's working. I sold some paintings, i think the first capital-A Art to sell out of the new space. I feel like some sort of mad scientist with a stitched-together frankenstein twitching to life on the table even as a toe or two falls off from rot. I hope she can be tamed!

This weekend brings a special opportunity to celebrate
the opening of a sustainable local art & design space,
Pandora's Trunk. This shop turns retail on its head
with a visual and interactive experience you won't
want to miss!

grand opening party
Saturday, December 8th
6 -10pm
544 haight btw steiner/fillmore

Meet the Artists:
Alfonso Kellenberger * Architect G * Dida Jewelry *
Fati Beloved * Medium Reality * Miranda Caroligne *
Missing Piece * Nome Edonna * Onerary * Rachel Jordana
Jewelry * Swirlspace

Live Music:
BYOInstruments for an interactive jam at 7pm!
Circus Clownery featuring members of the Hobo
accordion, ukulele and juggling feats!
Jesse Wilson on guitar
She is also our visiting artist this month, showing
paintings in the front window!
"TT of Heavyweight Dub Champion & Cochrane Mcmillan"

Free drinks and edibles:
BYOCup to reduce waste!
Catered by Sterling
Interactive activities & antics galore!

Had fun at one of our events in the past but can't make it out for this one? Please forward this listing on to anyone who you think might be interested - we'd love to meet your friends!

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  1. Hey wifey, I bet the store is amazing, wish I could be there! Pics please :)