Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rincon Hill Tower

I have been digging through some strange flickr photos since last I posted. It's undeniable that the tower has fantastic views. I think this view of the financial district from the tower is a little strange and disturbing. Maybe if they would leave it low around the tower I'd be happy - lots of tall thin towers surrounded by tree-filled plazas.

yeah, right.


  1. and the list price for the unit? Arm, leg, and left nut? Just wondering. Maybe I'll move. Although I would have to personally see the engineering drawings and supervise construction before I think I'd move into a San Francisco high rise.

  2. the ones at eye-level with the freeway start at a half million, i imagine up top is three or so. This building has some computer-controlled tanks of water up top to supposedly help damp wind and act-of-god vibrations. Here's a picture of the guts, a little. seems like you're not the only one with doubts. Same doubting Thomas notes elsewhere that there was some hush-hush collapse earlier in construction.