Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cabinets & a trip

Over Christmas, i renovated my studio a little bit. there is now a comfortable lounging area in my workspace, a good computer workspace, and everything is consolidated a little bit more in where/how it is stored (i have a lot of things to store.)

i built two sets of cabinets. in the photo you can see all of the stuff heaped up that has to go into them. it's a shame that just building them hasn't made me organized.

here is a composite of my office. If you click through to flickr you can read notes on the image.

Also, I have gotten a free trip to Israel from a group called Birthright Israel. They offer them to anyone who fits a certain age range and is vaguely jewish and has never been to Israel. It's a ten-day trip - I'll be leaving from NewYork on March 28th. They don't tell us exactly what our itinerary will be, but they do plan all of it for us, so I am left feeling like I just need to wait, and do nothing, to get ready for the trip. It's a weird feeling.

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