Saturday, January 06, 2007

Anon Salon Paintings

These are the two diptychs i did for Anon Salon's Sea of Dreams New Year's Eve. The pair above is called 'Cities are easier to dream on from above' and below is a detail from the over-8-ft-long 'Driving fast at night through the quiet countryside'.
Sea of Dreams was a really expensive burning man style party in a huge, two-block-long exhibition center. There was huge inflatable art hung from the ceiling, strange sculptures scattered about the space, numerous stages full of strangely garbed performers, and some really top-notch crowd-watching. It was an especially strange mix of characters because, in addition to the varied burning man crowd, there were a ton of people who came to see String Cheese Incident, the headliners. I had never really heard their music and high hopes for music made with actual instruments but it sounded pretty bland to me. A whole block's worth of people seemed to be enjoying it just fine without me.

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