Friday, October 20, 2006

Painting Process

People often marvel at the blend between photography and painting in my collage work. I thought I'd give a process view from throughout my day yesterday.

I've been hammering away at this and another painting - they are more commercial work in that I am doing to hang in front of Public as soon as possible. I put a bunch of paintings in Ruby Gallery on Haight street, and then a friend who had been eyeing my San Francisco map painting told me he needed to buy it before someone else did - but now I'm stuck with a sold piece on display! The piece shown above and this one:

are rent pieces. It's hard for me to know when a piece is done, though - after a while even looking at it backwards in a mirror isn't good enough. Normally I would just put it in a closet for a month but I don't have that luxury now. Ah, the fast-paced life of retail! Yet another aspect of my life that, having Gone Freelance, I'm forced to grit my teeth and jump.

I love it.

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