Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Wool

A photo post from the woman who custom-dyes wool for me - everything pictured there is for me! We have been pioneering new ways for me to order specific things from her. Having never met in real life, or even spoken on the phone, it is occasionally hard for us to make each other's meanings clear, so that I can get what I need from her. As I move to ordering larger and larger quantities of wool, it becomes more and more important that I not be surprised when I open my boxes of fresh supplies.

It might temper the joy i take in wrapping them around myself and giggling.


  1. Rachel,
    Thanks for the link. I am still dying more wool, but running out of room to store them before I go to The Handweavers Guild of Boulder annual sale in November 29 - Dec 6th. It is a learning experience to go to the show, so many great pieces to get inspired by.

  2. Yay for wool indeed - maybe I will try to come to that show next year. My mind boggles at the thought of so many days...