Thursday, July 12, 2012

Plum bounty 
The summer weeks can be counted off by the order that plants come in, and we have already eaten its first juicy blackberries. That means that it's time to kick into overdrive, and make sure to get all the good times in while the days mellow and slowly get shorter. I have been hard at work in the store, alternating construction projects with frenetic bouts of sewing. This summer is all about mutated circus band uniforms crossed with understated urban basics! Check out the upcoming schedule of events. Write them down on a scrap of paper and slip it into your shoe. Then go hop a fence and find out what's on the other side! <3 R.

Summer formal jackets by Medium Reality Sat July 14th Playa Bound at the Crucible
11am-6pm FREE 1260 7th St OAK

Sun July 15th Prepare for the Playa
12-7pm FREE Cafe Cocomo 650 Indiana St SF

Sat July 28 DJDA throwing down
10pm $5-10 sliding scale 50 Mason Social House SF

Sun Aug 5th Prepare for the Playa SF
12-7pm FREE Cafe Cocomo 650 Indiana St SF
MR is doing a runway show - we haven't done one in YEARS so don't miss this!

Weds August 8th Merchants of Reality
 8pm FREE 285 9th St @ Folsom SF

Sat Aug 25th Vagabondage, The Sweet Trade, & 5 Cent Coffee
2-7pm CCC 423 40th OAK (live folk punk and new old timey music)
This is the big'un... This show will be super amazing, jampacked with awesome music and lots of fabulous art and fashion.
* Including the work of resident artists: *
 Silkscreen & Photography - Jon Fischer
Ceramic Sculpture – Monkey & Rabbit
 Mixed Media Acrylic Collage - Rachel Lyra Hospodar
Photography - Ryan McClymont
Men's & Women's Reconstructed Garments - Medium Reality
 Leather Work & Silkscreen - Project Transaction
Jewelry - Cannibalize Jewelry, Scarlet & Madrone
Ceramic Vessels & Objects - Ank Ceramics

Also showing: Glass & Neon - Arlo Fishman. Jewelry - Dida Jewelry & Alchemilla. Men's & Women's Reconstructed Garments – Miss Velvet Cream & Ghetto Goldilocks. Metal Sculpture - Sam Derouin. Laser Etched Driftwood - Gneiss Wood. Oakland Silkscreens – Zee Bearded Lady.

Coyote Counter Collective / 423 40th St & Webster / N Oakland / 11-6 Thurs-Sun / 

Coyote Counter Collective - inside the space

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