Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Gentleman and the Clown

Here you can see a gentleman demonstrating the Omnidimensional transfragmentary oscillosextant. Maybe this nice lady will show us how it works at Maker Faire.

Stilts, clowns, lots of men running around in tight clothes, and a space invader of some kind. I think. Speaker dresses, or something, and a lady inside of a tiffany lampshade? The bellydancer said yes but we don't know yet if it's to bellydance or not. It's always an adventure putting together the script for Pandora's Trunk storytime. We will use whole parts of it over again from show to show but it sort of...evolves... over time as different designers get involved or their presentations change, and the story must adapt. It lives! first Maker Faire rehearsal this Friday night, thank bejesus that Bad Unkl Sista is directing the show this time, won't that make a difference!

Here is your host, mad, quite mad.

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