Monday, September 24, 2007

Got them Under the Overpass Blues

It's a truism of the blogging world that whenever someone's posting activity falls off, they are up to the most fevered activity. Lots has been going on since the discussion salon I produced earlier this month, and not much has come to enough fruition for me to talk about it yet. Just sent off a draft for this hat (remember it? that TV segment is set to air in February or March of 2008, giving us a total 1.5 year turnaround from filming to air. Is that normal? Makes me love the instant gratification of theatre even more.) to be a project in an upcoming Random House felt craft book. The salon on the 13th went off incredibly well. Not one but two musicians came through at the last minute, and there was a lively discussion that highlighted some of my concerns and illuminated some issues that drive me nuts. A success!

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