Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SFist Writeup!

A little bit late but I just discovered that SFist.com, a popular local events and culture blog, wrote about my work after seeing me at APE a month ago. Thanks, guys! I wish I knew how to do the clever # thing where the link clicks directly to the part of the article about me but you will have to scroll down. Stop complaining and just use the space bar, kids!

While we are on the topic of my fantastic self, here is an image of me from the photographers who were here last week (two weeks ago? er...). can't wait to see more!

Why am I doing all these vanity searches, you may ask? A few old acquaintances have found me, one through some press I got, and I am always wondering what people are saying about me out there. A big part of my job, after all, is trying to get people to pay. attention. to. ME!

1 comment:

  1. Rachel,
    YOUR big news! WOOT That is cool.
    I have been seeing a bit of SF on a PBS Independent Lens about the Parrots of Tellegraph Hill. What an interesting city.