Sunday, February 18, 2007

Out of the Doldrums

January and February are the darkest of valleys in the retail and events world; work has been all about regrouping, studying what's working and what isn't, and applying some much-needed structure to my studio and working habits. The Feb 3rd pandora was a big success but it was a lone stander in a cold, dark, and quiet time. Things are starting to pick up, though, and wires are abuzz with all the spring and early summer events. I am laying out my calendar for the next four months and trying to decide which events to do and not do. It's going to be a busy spring:

Feb 27th - depart for israel
Noise Pop & Shop March 3 & 4 (no, you're not hallucinating. this is while I am in israel. I have an informal employee. It's a great relief.)
March 10th - new york
March 14th - return to SF
March 17th - I am in my first fashion show, Opel's anniversary
March 24th - Running With Scissors, live performance sewing as part of Alchemy, a false profit party.
March 30th - first ever Craft Congress, in pittsburgh.
April 21 & 22 - Alternative Press Expo
April 28th - Pandora's Trunk
May 12th - Maven Fair
May 19 & 20 - Maker Faire
June 10 - Haight St Fair

How the hell did that all happen?

I am trying to decide whether or not to present at Maker Faire. Maybe I'll want a break by then.


  1. maker faire => strong yes vote!

  2. You're in luck - I've decided to! I'll be doing a felting workshop and may be selling things as well.

    As if these weren't enough things I'm doing a Crucible event on April 14th, and How Weird street fair may 6th. eek!