Monday, September 04, 2006


I took last week off from blogging here because I was at Burning Man and hiking - we left the festival Thursday and during its culmination Saturday night were camped lakeside in Shasta wilderness. We arrived at Burning Man before the event officially started, and got to build a city up from the ground. This part is always the best for me, that and watching huge art pieces take form out of nothingness. Right before I left for the festival I heard that a friend of mine had spotted my woolen spike hair ties on a girl in the financial district of San Francisco; then, at Burning Man, I saw a hat of mine on the head of a total stranger. I complimented her on it and she told me it was a felt hat; I suspect she bought it at Miranda Caroligne.

The frenzy of getting ready for the event was for me all about getting my business ready for me to abandon it. I put the trusty Sarah at the helm of the website and cranked out as many felty bits of love as i could before taking off - my last day in town I dropped some merchandise in the mail to go up at Evarize fashion cafe in Berkeley and some to go to Toronto for a street fair there on Sept. 23rd. I also dropped a wad of felt off at Ruby Gallery on Haight St. - The woman who runs it called me in with some hats and hairpieces the previous day to show her my work in person, and she was so taken with the hats that she practically grabbed them out of my hands to show them in the window of the store - a few doors down from Haight and Ashbury! Not too shabby - I wonder how they've sold while I've been gone. Three permanent retail locations and counting.

We've also listed some new purses on the website - they are high-priced but top-end leather goods. I hope I can bring in the kind of customers they are aimed at.

Next up on the horizon is a photo shoot I've scheduled Friday with a few willing friends for models and a bang-up photographer who is constantly challenging me to step it up a notch. The next day after that is Maven Fair, the first in a series of monthly events in a great foot-traffic location - cross your fingers for me! Between these two things and the preparation for them, I expect to spend sunday fast asleep recovering.

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  1. Rachel,
    Burning man sounds like a event to experience!